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My name is Marco Fotino and I am a computer engineer specialized in telecommunications.


I was born in Catanzaro and I studied at the University of Calabria, in Southern Italy. I have a Bachelor degree in Computer Science, a Master of Science in Telecommunications Engineering and a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering and Computer Science. Before graduating, I had a valuable experience in the Computer Networks laboratory of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), granted by the European project Erasmus. After graduation, I took the professional certification and I joined the Order of Engineers. Then, I continued to carry out training activities (such as the course to become a Certified Spring Professional).

Recently, I obtained a second level master’s degree in ICT Management, to consolidate and strengthen my skills.


Immediately after the degree, I started working at a computer company in Rende, and for three years I was involved in various activities (from Java programming to project management), managing small work groups. Later, I moved to Verona, where I worked on a project led by a large consulting firm for an insurance company. Then, I moved to Mantua (after a public selection) to work on the Job Market Observatory of the Provincial Administration. Now, I’m working as tech expert at the Computer Science, Systems and Communication Dept. of the Milan University Bicocca.

I work with Information and Communication Technology and in particular with network, systems and project management.


On my website you will find links to scientific papers that I have published during my Ph.D. (in the Documenti section, along with other statistical reports published with my contributions), a form to send me a message (in the Contatti section) and some pictures (Foto).
Finally, if you’re interested in reading my posts on various topics (from technology to current events, from readings to travel informations) you can visit my blog entitled A Dutiful Mind.